We and Trees : Faunal Association

A garden which is not inhabited by birds, bees or animals is a waste one. This might happen if these creatures are not used to have food or shelter from trees, shrubs in that garden. Some call it a green desert, but I personally, don't like the terminology; as even a desert is a good habitat for number of flora and fauna.

With the bad experience from the introduced trees, we started planting natives. And we were amazed to see that how nature finds her way. If one chooses the flora wisely, fauna has to be attracted to the place; even in the midst of a concrete jungle.

Here are few photographs of our neighbours... :)

Urbanites usually fell Babool, Ber trees, if any in their residential area; but these trees attracts wide number of bird species. We have to keep in mind that these are our native trees which are since ages, serving not only birds & animals, but serving us also.

One habit urbanites have, which they assume good & tidy. They never allow the soil beneath trees to breath. I mean, they usually cover it with tiles or concrete. Nowadays, unlike villages, every inch of the land is covered up. So they prefer pots for plantation or if they happen to plant one in the ground, they leave hardly any space around the tree. And then, every morning they have to clean the 'garbage' of dried or shed leaves from the tree. Is this at all make any sense?!

We need to understand that, every small-sized planted tree should have area of at least 2 by 2 feet. That way, the shed leaves will fall on the soil and will help enriching it giving all the nutrients the tree will ever need. The leaves will attract insects, insects in turn will attract birds & reptiles. Also during monsoon, the soil will help in increasing the ground water level. There is always a balance in every sector of Nature. But somehow, this balance is tampered by us only, isn't it?!