God's Greatest Gifts

Once God asked each & every person on Earth,"What do you want or need the most? But whatever you decide, remember, it will be given to all the other humans."

"Simple question it is!", some smiled. They all began to think about few things they really wanted in their respective lives.

"I want loads of money!", Someone shouted impatiently. But whats the use if everyone has enough of it.
"I want a car!" said someone. But if everybody has a car, there will be no place for driving on Earth due to over-crowding.
"A big house!" But what I will be doing in it all alone as everyone has one, he thought.
"I want political power!" Useless if everybody is a politician.
"A big land!" But alone, I would not be able to make use of it.

No use, indeed...
All the people started discussing amongst themselves, What they should demand for?

Then came a cute voice of a small & innocent girl, "I want clean air to breathe."

All other people turned to her; staring at her, startled. A wave of smiles ran through the crowd.
Then another voice echoed,"I want food without adulteration!"
One more,"I want water without pollution!"
"I want our rain-forests intact!"
"I want our bio-diversity to be rich & far away from extinction!"
"I want an improved climate & ecosystem!"
"I want to keep our oceans alive & our polar caps pristine!"
"I want energy revolution dependent on Renewable Energy resources..!"

I wish.. We, all, shall be endowed by God with all these demands. Actually, God have granted all of these to us long time before. But We, all people of this planet, have destroyed & polluted it now. That's too for our selfishness. Now, We are facing the ill-effects of our deeds.
Ever thought, what people of the whole world needs the most?! Despite of some differences, the needs will be astonishingly similar.. Food, Water, Shelter & an Environment to live on.

"Tathaastu!!!" & God gave us the Greatest gift...Trees!

Why Trees? Why didn't He give us all that we wanted at once??

Because even if He does, our modern science have not discovered yet the machine which can efficiently convert Greenhouse gases into Oxygen. How are We going to maintain those gifts without trees? So until the day our science discovers the machine..Trees!!! Because its the Trees that can help us to achieve all that We wanted from God!

Probably that's why Sant Tukaram have mentioned the importance of trees in his Abhanga..

वृक्षवल्ली आम्हा सोयरी वनचरे
पक्षी ही सुस्वरे आळविती...

Meaning -

The trees and creepers of the nature are our friends and close relatives,
Listen to the birds singing sweet melodies...