Have You started segregating your waste?!

Ever since the segregation of Solid Waste at source has been made mandatory, there is a state of anxiety among the citizens of Nashik. Few believes the idea is good for environment. Few didn't give it a damn. Others started segregating the waste as not doing so may invite a penalty. But soon, more & more people started segregating their waste as Nashik Municipal Corporation started collecting fine from residential as well as commercial complexes.

Why this agitation and panic faces all around? Is it that difficult to segregate the solid waste, which actually is a resource?? And that's too for our own sake & future??? Not at all!

Remember 3 years back, on 5th anniversary of Gifting Trees..., We have discussed about the amount of waste going to local dumping yard?! It is time to act on it...if You don't want get penalized. :-)

Well... Segregation of Waste is very simple to do. I have already mentioned it in my previous articles about Composting techniques. One have to store Wet Waste like Vegetables residues, discarded food, egg shells, tea powder etc in Green Container. Dry Waste like newspaper, plastic, bottles, metal scrap, old clothes & footwear etc should go into Blue container. For other Dangerous Waste like Pesticide or colour bins, Electronic waste, CFLs, Tubes, Blade & Needles etc must go into Red container. Used Sanitary napkins & Diapers can also go into the Red one.

The Corporation is working hard on spreading the awareness and necessity of segregation at source.

It is due the interest taken by Nashik Municipal Corporation in this issue, Now people are asking & enquiring about the ways to segregate and recycle waste. Isn't it a good sign?! Oh yes, IT IS..!

Yes...there are still few people, who find excuses to do it, who complains about Garbage Van workers that they carry our segregated waste into the single container. Well, that is not the reason for You to avoid the segregation. Forget about the environment, This very simple step is necessary for our future generations. It is the time to act...

Toady is 5th May! Eight years went by, and here We are celebrating the anniversary of Gifting Trees again! :) Last year, We have planted 63 saplings of native trees and am happy to tell you that majority of them are flourishing well..!