Prarambh : Beginning of New Life!

What could be a better way to commemorate the wedding than planting a tree?! The wedding ceremony of my sister started with a lovely event - planting of Coconut tree by the to-be couple. In an age when most of us wish to celebrate the wedding with loud crowd and fireworks, the lovely couple agreed to plant a native tree as a reminiscence of the day. Not only the tree will contribute to our environment, but will also remind us about the wonderful day...always!

There are only trees who will give selflessly without expecting anything in return. They rejuvenate, they shelter and they nurture. Throughout the ever-changing life, they remain grounded in reality and thus inspiring us to remain equanimous through the ups and downs of life.

Let us pray the couple gets all the happiness, love & respect in the world. And hope that as the tree grows, relation & bonding between the two also grow stronger and as the roots go deeper, they share the ever-lasting faith..! :-)

My Best Sister's Wedding!

Yes.. My younger sis will be getting married in few days. That is the reason I couldn't visit the blog in this month. But how could I waste the chance to dedicate a native tree for the lovely couple. :)

Not only that, but we are also encouraging and requesting all relatives, friends to plant and grow at least one tree.

We have printed a message on the invitation card (Nimantran Patrika, as we call it in India).

As it reads on the envelop, it means - Giving gifts in a wedding is just a formality. Planting native tree and growing it, is a true blessing!

This, on the main invitation card, means - No Gifts Please!
Put an end to useless gifts. Nature conservation is the real bliss.
The best gift for the newly married couple will be planting a native tree and nurturing it! For more on Native trees, Please visit-

"That's very nice!"
"I loved this idea the most..!"
"Very thoughtful!"

These are few of the exclamations that followed! What's your take..?