Because Every Day is Environment Day for Him!

This Environment Day was no different for us. As for any Nature lover, everyday is Environment day! Dr Prashant Phalak's thoughts are no different. His love for trees is so captivating and appealing that people around him too start loving trees. That includes me too! :)

I remember..due to government service of my father, we have been shifted to numerous cities and villages during my childhood. Frankly, I hated this as I have to leave my school, friends & everything. I hated this from the bottom of my heart. Eventually, I used to forget all these things though. But I vividly remember one thing, that wherever we had been shifted, my father used to plant there number of saplings. Trees near residential quarters, near hospital and wherever possible. Obviously the plantation was followed by watering & nurturing till we move to another place. How many trees planted, nobody knows..even he don't know!

Today, when I count the saplings we plant; he advises not to count them. Mother Nature never does that. She give us countless things selflessly. Not demanding anything in return! But the statistics are necessary for follow up. And while being proud of my father; for others to get inspired, I continue to mention the numbers..! :)

One thing I would like to share with you all, in recent couple of years we got a chance to visit few of those places. The places where once we used to live. And my father made sure to show me all the saplings planted by him, which have grown up into big trees. Just like when one meets an old friend after a decade or two, he was admiring the trees with sparkling eyes. I felt WOW, just couldn't express that moment in words!

Even a small word of appreciation is enough to make one's day. This 5th June, Dr Prashant Phalak, the inspiration and motivation behind Gifting Trees...; is awarded with Paryavaran Puraskaar. It is an award which is given to the individuals who have done remarkable work for the benefit of our environment. On the great occasion of World Environment Day, he was awarded by Honorable Minster (Environment and Cultural Affairs) Mr Sanjay Deotale. The news is covered by couple of leading News Papers.

Cheers to his spirit! Cheers to his love for trees!! A big thank you to all the tree lovers, friends and supporters!!!