My Best Sister's Wedding!

Yes.. My younger sis will be getting married in few days. That is the reason I couldn't visit the blog in this month. But how could I waste the chance to dedicate a native tree for the lovely couple. :)

Not only that, but we are also encouraging and requesting all relatives, friends to plant and grow at least one tree.

We have printed a message on the invitation card (Nimantran Patrika, as we call it in India).

As it reads on the envelop, it means - Giving gifts in a wedding is just a formality. Planting native tree and growing it, is a true blessing!

This, on the main invitation card, means - No Gifts Please!
Put an end to useless gifts. Nature conservation is the real bliss.
The best gift for the newly married couple will be planting a native tree and nurturing it! For more on Native trees, Please visit-

"That's very nice!"
"I loved this idea the most..!"
"Very thoughtful!"

These are few of the exclamations that followed! What's your take..?


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