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So You want to heal the environment now.. You want to reduce the global warming.. You want to reduce the pollution caused by you directly or indirectly.. You want to see those sparrows near your house again.. And You want to plant a tree for a good cause.. A tree as a gift for someone You care for...

Well that's not the only thing which is expected from You!

Importantly, Trees that are planted or gifted must be Native to the area. Indigenous trees support the local Ecosystem. They hosts number of various birds, insects, bees, butterflies & squirrels. According to some experts, planting of trees such as Gulmohar, Luecaena or Eucalyptus, which are not native to India, are driving away the birds & insects. Because the flowers, fruits or wood of these plants is new to them and they are least interested in accepting these trees as their new 'food' or 'home'. The indigenous trees like Banyan, Peepal or Neem is what they prefer. There are number of Gifts we get from these Native Trees. In order to restore the biodiversity, we must plant multi-purpose trees to create conditions that allow the native species to thrive. I will also enlist some of the indigenous trees with their importance which may be helpful for you while choosing a tree for plantation.

Trees are most often defined as "a woody perennial plant of considerable size, usually over thirteen feet high, that has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground on a single self-supporting main stem or trunk with clear apical dominance."
So why am I calling these saplings a tree?!
Its because I hopefully want to see each one of them well grown in a Tree!!!

Usually, we prefer flowers when we give gifts, but Gifting a tree is a good idea on many levels. For one, they last longer than a bouquet of flowers. They are something that your friend or loved one can hold onto, cherish and care for in turn. And it’s really something that can be nurtured and taken care of over a course of time. This just isn’t possible with a bouquet of flowers. So for the more substantial friendship, you could say, you will want to give a tree, instead. :-) It’s a true sign of life, because it’s more alive than any cut stem could ever be!

What could be a better way to greet/honour someone or celebrate an occasion other than by gifting a tree? Well, it serves two purposes. First, giving a unique gift to our friends/relatives. Second & important one, as the gift is given by a person, he/she or the receiver tend to look after the planted sapling. I have seen many groups or individuals planting trees as if they have to make some kind of world record. But very very few of them bother to take care of the plant till it matures. Others just leave the plants to die. Its a pure waste of time, labour & precious saplings.

Trees can thrive even in critical conditions and that's why are frequently planted as living memorials. We often become personally attached to trees that we or those we love have planted. A living, breathing & growing gift that lives for several decades or even a century and significantly benefits us as well as the environment.

Trees are inspirational gifts conveying hope, growth & generosity. Gift & dedicate trees to people you would like to greet or honour..

Gifting the trees will transform lives of native wildlife species and human beings too, even where transformation is most critical. Trees are living symbols of hope for our existence on the planet & our future. They are living solutions for our people in need of food, water, clean air and environment protection in the face of increasing climatic instability..!

5th Sep 2010


  1. Hey, nice to see your blog on the trees. I think this is a very good activity. hope to read a lot of interesting and eye opening facts. Congrats again.

  2. Nasik is a religious place and there are religious institutions in every corner of the city. this attribute can be exploited to make the city green again. This is my suggestion towards your effort. Take example of the Gangapur road. There is Swami Samarth Kendra there. More than 1000 people attend the place religiously every month. Imagine if the mentor of the place starts giving trees as diksha to his fellow disciples. The religious idea of respecting the diksha will abide people to happily take care of the tree in many cases we can assume that even if the elder member of the family (who has taken this diksha) passes away a tree will become their legacy to the family. If you could talk to Mr More of the Swami Samartha Kendra and request him to give trees as Diksha and let mahanagar plaika allow to plant trees along the Gangapur road I am very sure in few years that road will not only be full of native trees (such as umber and Neem)but also people will take care of them with devotion.

  3. best photoes & information
    lai bhari................