A Tree for Nutrients

Imagine a tree in your backyard that will meet all your nutritional needs, take care of you medicinally, serve the ecosystem, improve your soil, make your garden more fertile and also purify water for you. Looks like an extreme imagination or fantasy. But this tree actually exists! The Drumstick tree (Moringa Oleifera/शेवगा) is an amazingly generous & a very-fast-growing tree!

The Drumstick tree or Moringa, as it is popularly known, is considered to be one of the most useful trees, since almost every part of the Moringa tree has some beneficial property..its leaves, leaf powder, pods, seeds, flowers, roots and bark of Moringa are either edible or have some other healing property.

Moringa is best known as an excellent energy and nutritional booster. It is an exceptionally nutritious tree with a variety of potential uses. Its leaves and pods are, in fact, the powerhouse of nutritional value as it contain rich amount of nutrients which are 7 times the vitamin C in Oranges, 4 times the calcium & 2 times more protein in Milk, 4 times vitamin A in Carrots, 3 times the potassium in Bananas. In short, the tree will replenish your body and provide you with the right energy you need (not like the sugar-energy, that makes you hyper for some period of time & then leaves you drained).

Some researchers document Moringa's tree value as solution to mal-nutrition, especially among infants, children and mothers.
How many, do you think, benefits we can get from the tree? Start counting.. :-)

India's ancient tradition of Ayurveda says, the leaves of the Moringa tree prevents 300 diseases and modern science & researchers confirms the basic idea.

Let's name just a few benefits of its leaves and pods :

1. gives a feeling of wellness and promotes energy, yet this is not a sugar based energy
2. increases natural body defense and stimulates metabolism
3. stimulates the cell structure of the body
4. rich in vitamin A, provides nourishment to the eyes & brain
5. balances level of cholesterol
6. balances level of sugar
7. rich in anti-oxidants, beautifies the skin & lowers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
8. improves functioning of kidney and liver
9. promotes healthy digestion
10. promotes body's immune system
11. has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
12. promotes circulatory system and controls blood pressure
13. promotes anti-inflammatory features, heals arthritis pain
14. heals tumors and ulcers
15. balances hormone and gland system
16. detoxify body from poisons
17. helps relax and promotes good night sleep
18. purifies & disinfects water (functioning even better than aluminum sulfate, a standard water flocculant)
And many more...

The pods and leaves of Moringa can practically wipe out the mal-nutrition on our planet. It is amazing to know that a comprehensive Moringa supplement can provide ten essential vitamins & eleven essential minerals; all nine essential amino acids; more than two dozen natural, powerful anti-oxidants; more than two dozen natural, powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients and both omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. The leaves can be cooked, which looks like cooked spinach, or dried and ground into a fine powder that can be added to almost anything as a nutrient supplement. And the well-known pods are widely used in curries & dishes.

Huhh! So many things in a simple-to-grow tree (grown easily from both seeds & from cuttings)!! God's grace, indeed!!!

The tree can be used in countless ways to benefit health, nutrition and beauty needs. Rich oil pressed from the seeds of Moringa tree is among the most desired oils for health & beauty products. Friendly to touch & full of rejuvenating properties, Moringa oil penetrates deep into the skin, revitalizing and nourishing skin tissue with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants.

But wait! It also has uses outside of the human health & medicinal realms.. It is a terrific high nutrient feed for animals, it is useful in agro-forestry. Its oil is used in arts, lubricating watches, as cooking oil and, importantly has the potential to be used as biodiesel fuel. In many ways, Moringa truly appears to be a Miracle tree.

Furthermore, it also can function as a natural growth stimulant for other plants. The juice from leaves can be used to produce an effective plant growth hormone containing the active substance Zeatin. Even better, Moringa can help your garden to be more fertile! Using Moringa leaves as a green manure can significantly enrich agricultural land. The tree tolerates a wide range of soil & rainfall conditions. It is a drought tolerant tree which needs very little water. It is resistant to most of the pests & diseases also. So some or the other parts of the tree can be used for animal feed, domestic cleansers, perfume, dye, gum, fertilizer, medicine, water clarification, rope fiber and as an agent for tanning hides.

Miraculous Moringa is a remarkable tree, which can make remarkable improvement in your health and quality of life. It is nature's true medicine cabinet. And not only that, it could be a nutrition dream come true in nations devastated by lethal diseases, widespread poverty and resulting malnutrition.

Perhaps, that is the reason why only this tree got its place in the logotype of 'Gifting Trees...' :-)

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