"Plant Trees, Nurture Trees, Save Trees!"

Today, bird's chatter woke me up early in the morning. In fact I am used to it now! I have planted numerous native trees in a garden near my house. Actually it was just an open space out there four years ago, where public used to throw their garbage; I made it a garden. So not only birds, but the garden was regularly visited by colourful butterflies, lizards and diverse insects also. I used to enjoy this lovely & delightful scene everyday. I was very much into nature since childhood. I even remember me running behind butterflies and birds. 'Why I could not fly like them?' the thought that haunted me several times!

Anyways, while enjoying the chirp of different birds, I came into the garden. Visiting the garden, watering plants is my favorite pastime. Even my little friends used enjoy this shower, which include Bulbuls, Prinias, Sparrows, Sunbirds, White-Eyes and Drongos! Koel also used to visit quite a few times. I called them friends because we all used to meet everyday. We never skipped our meeting! :) Today also we enjoyed together like hell. It was amazing! I used to love this event. Why only near my house? Whole city and the surrounding should wear green, I felt.

But only daydreaming doesn't help, does it? May be that is why I enrolled as a active member in a local nature society. Together we used to organize tree planting campaigns. "Plant Trees, Nurture Trees, Save Trees!", yes this is work for me. God allotted this noble work to me and I will devote at least some of my time to this. It also helped me to meet other nature-loving people. I always felt proud our work. In the ever increasing concrete jungle, if we can create a suitable habitat for birds and insects, then what else could be better than this?!

Today also I planted a new native sapling. It was swaying due to wind. Then only I heard the sound thak thak. I moved my head towards the sound and there was a man felling a road-side tree. Oh! He was the same watchman who lives in a neighboring building. Nowadays, these guys are hired during construction of the building. They get only a tin-shed. And then they kill such living trees for cooking & other purposes. Sad! I knew one can file a complaint at police station for illegal tree felling.

My face turned red. I was losing my temper. I thought, do we plant trees for these nonsense, selfish guys or what?! These people only are responsible for Global Warming and Climate Change! I came into the house. And my feet turned to the telephone kept on a wooden teapoy. Suddenly..I stopped on the spot! My focus diverted on our wooden furniture. Chair, bed, desk, wardrobe..so much stuff! O God! How many trees were cut for all these?! My anger was replaced by shame. I had cut many trees. What even if I had bought these articles, many trees were killed for them, wasn't it? We buy & love wooden articles but it is main reason for trees or forests being cut!

My feet just went lifeless and my head got crowded by numerous thoughts!


  1. Dear Dr. Phalak, I found this post both moving and thought-provoking. I am a U.S. garden blogger who just discovered your blog through Blotanical, and I am finding it very interesting and informative. I do a "Blog of the Month" feature on my blog, Jean's Garden, where I review and recommend blogs I think my readers might enjoy. Yours is one of two blogs that I am highlighting for the month of June. My post reviewing your blog just went up this evening, and your blog will be featured on my sidebar throughout the month. I look forward to reading more. -Jean

  2. Dear Jean, thank you very much for visiting and highlighting my blog! Its an honour to me!
    ...Dr Paresh Phalak.