Say Trees :-D

Its more than a year now that I am making You familiar to our Native Trees...and I will continue to do so! Till now, I may have mentioned N number of uses or advantages or benefits of Trees. But have you ever thought, Trees also make us look beautiful! No I am not talking about various cosmetics made from Trees. Just think.. When You pose for a photograph, do you prefer a 'non-green site' (concrete buildings, tar-road or a wall) behind yourself?
Imagine You standing in front of a under-construction building with a photographer shouting "Say cheese".
'Phew' will be your reaction!

Now imagine You standing on the bank of a tranquilizing river coming down from the shoulders of a mountain covered with Trees...
'Wow!' The imagination itself is so blissful!!

Few exceptions apart, most of the time You will choose a 'green site' (forests, river, mountains) for photo-shoots, isn't it? Not just for photographs, but Trees are so important! The soil of mountains, rivers, climate regulation and so on..all are Gifts by Trees! Trees give us that all! Our Native Trees!!!

We usually, tend to smile when somebody say 'cheese' at the time of photo-shoot. But we forget about our Native Trees which make us smile..!

The ever-increasing size of cities engulfing the forests and agricultural lands that once were Green. Ultimately, its We all that cutting down forests and constructing concrete buildings. The cities are increasing in size & population, demanding more & more space. And no one of the urban-dweller is exception to it. But one can make exceptions can make a difference! By planting and nurturing few of these at your place.

So that next time when somebody poses in front of these beautiful trees planted by You, your face will have a broad sssssmmmile!!!
Smile Green! :-)

Acacia Catechu - Cutch Tree/खैर
Acacia Leucophloea - White Bark Acacia/हिंवर
Acacia Nilotica - Babool Tree/बाभूळ, बाभळी
Acacia Senegal - Gum Arabic Tree/कुम्ठा
Adenanthera Pavonina - Red Bead Tree, Coralwood/रतनगुंज, थोरला गुंज
Azadirachta Indica - Neem/कडुनिंब
Bombax Ceiba - Red Silk-Cotton Tree/काटेसांवर, शाल्मली
Calotropis Procera - Calotropis, Sudom Apple/रुई
Cariya Arborea - Wild Guava, Kumbhi/कुंभी
Ficus Glomerulata - Cluster Fig/उंबर, औदुंबर
Ficus Religiosa - Peepal, Sacred Fig/पिंपळ, अश्वत्थ
Ficus Virens - White Fig/लघुपिंपरी, पायर, पाईर
Hardwickia Binata - Anjan/अंजन
Heterophragma Quadriloculare - Waras/वारस
Helicteres Isora - Indian Screw Tree/मुरुडशेंग, केवण
Hibiscus Tilaceus - Sea Hibiscus/बेलिपता
Holarrhena Pubescens - Indrajao, Kurchi Tree/इंद्रजव, पांढरा कुडा
Lagerstroemia Indica - Crape Myrtle, Common Crape/सावनी
Lagerstroemia Parviflora - Crape Flower/लेंदीया, बोंडारा
Millingtonia Hortensis - Indian Cork Tree/बूच
Phoenix Sylvestris - Wild Date Palm/जंगली खजूर, शिंदी, खर्जूर
Prosopis Cineraria - Khejri Tree/शमी
Sesbania Grandiflora - Agati/हातगा, अगस्ति
Sesbania Sesban - Common Sesban/शेवरी, जयंती
Terminalia Arjuna -Arjun/अर्जुन
Terminalia Bellirica - Baheda/बेहडा, बिभितकी
Terminalia Catappa - Indian Almond/जंगली बदाम
Terminalia Chebula - Chebubic Myrobalan, Indian Gall Nut/हिरडा, हरीतकी
Terminalia Tomentosa - Indian Laurel/ऐन, सादड
Thespesia Populnea - Indian Tulip Tree/भेंडी, पारस-पिंपळ
Wrightia Tinctoria - Sweet Indrajao, Pala-Indigo/काळाकुडा, दुधी
Ziziphus Mauritiana - Indian Jujube, Indian Plum, Ber/बोर, बोरी

So next time when You pose in front of a camera, say "TREES!" instead! :-B)


  1. it s a good one ! -dil baag baag ho gayaa !!may i have one small sugessition?
    can t we shoe proper photographs of a particular tree and than mention its name ?
    -what happen is that so many a times ,we may come across beautiful tree , but can t recollect it s name.... --so at that time if we have a photo of that tree along with its name than it would be bit name that tree.=======hope we have to work upon this..==.atul bhatt/93270 33142

  2. Hey thanks a lot Atul for stopping by and liking the article! :)
    Actually these all are links to the posts describing that specific trees. If you click on one of them, you will be redirected to the post telling more about that tree, with photographs & everything!

  3. What a lovely smile! Have been passing your blog on to people who are interested in, or going to, India.

  4. Thank you..! Thats so nice of you!!! :-)

  5. Perfect bookmark for Indian trees lovers